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“It’s rare to come across a Business Course that resonates with front-line workers, managers and executives. Rob Cotes’ course changed the way our employees communicated and had every employee speaking like leaders. Rob expertly challenged employees to think on their own, communicate authentically and in doing so everyone became comfortable completing difficult role plays. We frequently revert back to Rob’s training and examples for guidance and clarification. Thanks Rob, for allowing us to participate in your first-class business course!”

Sherry MacIntyre, CHRP
Human Resources Generalist

“I have known Robert Cotes for over 10 years as a client in Human Resources. I highly recommend his training program in Interpersonal and People Management Skills. In HR it’s critical that we promote “best practices” training that will help the business succeed. The Management Development Group provides training that helps deliver on that promise. Robert’s training for managers and supervisors starts with the fundamentals in communication and from there builds on developing solid leadership and performance management skills. I have participated in the training twice and have received unsolicited feedback from employees about their experience. We all agree that it’s time well spent and what we learned not only helped us in our professional lives but also in our personal lives. That’s because Robert is an engaging and passionate trainer who is knowledgeable about the business world through his own experiences and shares his insights. He knows his stuff. He is incredibly intuitive and helped all of us understand our own personal roadblocks that limit our success as a leader of people and practice new skills so that we had a renewed confidence in ourselves as managers or supervisors.”

Kim Austin, CHRL
Director Human Resources

“Any chance I get to share what I have learned from Robert Cotes I will. Robert’s program is unique in the sense you learn from doing and not just reading. These sessions are video recorded. They involve at least three role play situations. You will use what you have learned. You will be critiqued and corrected in a constructive way. You will work outside your comfort zone and you will be all the better for it. Trust me! Robert and I met when he rolled out a company wide program of Business Communication based on the psychoanalytic theory of Transactional Analysis (TA) first introduced by Eric Berne in the 1950 at Erwin Hymer Group NA. Unfortunately, Erwin Hymer went into receivership so we no longer get opportunities to learn from Robert. Our loss!”

Davis Hilker
Supply Chain Manager/Materials Manager

“Robert’s passion and commitment to his student’s success is second to none. I have and the privilege to attend his workshops recently. Robert’s sessions are in-depth in regards to people management skills and communication techniques that I continue to implement daily. I have found his teachings to be both challenging and effective in preparing both managers and staff to become leaders in any organization. His vast knowledge, interactive group participation and workshop preparedness is the best I’ve ever participated in. Robert teaches leaders the latest methods on how to “Lean into A Little Discomfort” when dealing with difficult scenarios and effectively communicating a path forward with employee “commitment” as the result. Everyone in the course left with a sense of accomplishment and a better understanding of how each of us can contribute to the success of any organization. I would highly recommend Robert’s program to any organization seeking to reduce waste and grow the bottom line in both sales and service.”

Bob Beatty
Service Parts and Aftermarket Manager

“Several years ago, I took Robert’s training even as a seasoned manager at the time, I found it incredibly helpful. The skills learned in his training continue to serve me well today. The training is practical, hands-on, and is a great investment! I highly recommend Robert’s services.”

Vera Voroskolevska
Psychologist & Social Worker

About Us

Since 1994, The Management Development Group has partnered with organizations committed to the development of their Managers and Supervisors into Quality Leaders. The way to achieve this is to upskill/reskill leadership teams to bring about the successful deployment and execution of Best Practices in the day-to-day management and supervision of their most valuable asset; their employees.

Our Approach

There are no shortcuts or quick fixes when it comes to training & development in People Management Skills. To achieve Best Practices, an organization truly needs to commit to a long-term development strategy, and that is precisely what The Management Development Group offers – long-term partnerships to achieve positive and lasting change, ensuring a significant return on your training investment.

Our Commitment

The company is owned and operated by Robert Côtes, who brings over 30 years of training and program design experience. His facilitation style and group leadership skills are widely acclaimed by corporate clients and graduates alike. Robert’s passion is consistently felt through his delivery combined with his undying commitment to ensure our client’s success.

High Impact Development

Our clients reach their development objectives for 3 reasons. First, our learning system is relevant, dealing with today’s management issues, and contains both educational (theory) and training (application) sessions and combined, form a powerful experiential, “learn by doing” system. The second reason for our client’s success is the facilitator’s ability to engage participants and create a supportive, fun yet candid learning environment. The third and last reason is our client’s commitment to a long term development effort, for change is not an overnight process. It takes time.

Step 1 (Core Program)

Prerequisite for Steps 2 & 3
supervisor business communication training and business communication skills for managers

Business Communication an Interpersonal Skills Management Learning System

Business Communication an Interpersonal Skills Management Learning System teaches powerful communication strategies that are used to approach, manage, and ultimately resolve day-to-day conflicts and “people issues”. The program is made up of three modules, each is a building block targeting specific communication and management skills. Training is conducted in cohorts of no more than 10 participants.

Step 2 (Follow-up)

Prerequisite; Step 1
effective communication skills course and leadership communication

Refresher Workshop

Graduates are invited back to the training room for a full review of the concepts, skills, approaches, and strategies imparted in the core program (step 1). The workshop consists of two – 3.5hr sessions with a maximum of 10 participants. The first session focuses on the review part of the effort while session 2 concentrates on activities that give graduates the opportunity to demonstrate the strategies learned in Step 1.

Step 3 (Optional)

Prerequisite; Step 1
performance management training and development

Performance Development a Leadership Approach to High Performance

Most organizations have at their disposal a variety of tools to measure performance levels, compare them to expected ones, and arrive at ways to achieve peak performance from their employees; all in an effort to improve and maintain organizational performance. This paper trail is indispensable and requires consistent application and monitoring in order to be effective and reach the intended objectives.

What Graduates Are Saying

(The following comments are taken from actual graduate evaluations)

A few of Our Clients